Welcome to Berwick-upon-Tweed...
We are proud to be a Cittaslow town

Berwick has a complex and often turbulent history as a seaport and a town located on the border between two nations that have not always been the friendliest of neighbours!

Centuries of Anglo-Scottish conflict are reflected in the town’s complete circuit of fortifications, including our internationally important series of Elizabethan ramparts and bastions.

The Borders of England and Scotland have been tranquil since the 18th century and Berwick’s largely unspoiled townscape displays characteristics that combine elements of English, Scottish and Continental architectural styles.

Berwick is a very special place to live in or to visit.

We invite you to explore what makes our town and the surrounding area so distinctive through the interactive maps and the information we have provided on these pages. Click here or on the photo to take a look at our town.

You will also be able to find out what it means for Berwick to be a Cittaslow town and how our community achieved this status.